PacSun_Images.pngbuilding a world class mobile app with pacsun

PacSun's VP of IT, Coleen McNally shares how they built a top rated mobile app in this special webinar. 

In the summer of 2015, PacSun re-launched its mobile app to incorporate it's popular loyalty program, my GSOM Rewards. Challenged with the desire to bring enhanced personalization to their customers by connecting to their loyalty program, PacSun turned to GPShopper to build the app using their Demandware cartridge. Since the program launched, app downloads have more than doubled and the app now ranks consistently in the top 50 lifestyle apps.

Watch this valuable webinar hosted by GPShopper and Demandware in which PacSun's own VP of IT, Coleen McNally, shares her strategies to mobile app success. 

Watch the PacSun Webinar